7 Reasons You’re Gonna Love My Newsletter: The Competitive Edge!


June 15, 2015 by Dr. Sana Keller

ANOTHER newsletter to fill up your email feed…just what you need, right?? (As if newsletters-image1you’re reading all those interesting newsletters you’ve subscribed to over the past years)  🙂

I get it–just when I get my email inbox almost cleaned out, another 20 or more emails show up–and yes, at least one or two are probably newsletters! Yet continuing to learn and stay up-to-speed on topics of interest to us IS important, agree? That’s why I came up with a specific format for my Health Unlimited newsletter.

So here are those 7 Reasons for newsletter love:

  1. It’s short! Just a few ideas are shared in each newsletter–no overwhelm!  Short
  2. It includes simple ideas and tips that you can put into practice right away! Simple
  3. The ideas and tips are practical, uncomplicated and effective–AKA worth the effort!worth_the_effort_premium_gift_box-ra07e8bd6f97446bdaba13b36ef9f9953_ag9ey_8byvr_324
  4. It has links to great resources–because there are incredibly bright integrative health leaders that I continually learn from!   supportstreetsign-300x236
  5. It just shows up each month via email once you sign up!   mail
  6. It’s easy on the eye! Newsletter don’t have to look black and white and boring…                                           and, THE BEST REASON OF ALL:
  7. It’s WAY easier to maintain your health now than try to regain it after years of neglect!    care of body

By popular vote (thank you to all who participated in my survey of title choices!), the newsletter name is The Competitive Edge: Healthy Living Strategies for YOUR Best Self! I combined the top 2 choices since they received almost an equal number of votes.

You’ll find the sign-up box for my newsletter on my Health Unlimited website.

Please let me know what you think…let me know if you think I’m on task with my mission of Providing “best practices” Healthy Living Strategies that empower others to successfully build disease prevention and effective health habits into their daily lives to regain and maintain their optimal long-term health…

To your ever-improving health–

Sana Keller, PhD, RN, CNC

Health Unlimited LLC

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2 thoughts on “7 Reasons You’re Gonna Love My Newsletter: The Competitive Edge!

  1. Sandhya says:

    Dr. Sana Keller,
    I enjoy reading your blog! I am nominating you for The Sisterhood of Bloggers Award! Congratulations!


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