The Best Health Insurance Plan on the Planet?

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April 20, 2015 by Dr. Sana Keller

It’s probably not what you’re thinking…This is not about a cutting-edge company rolling out a state-of-the-Seal-of-Approval-214x300art health insurance plan. Yet this concept holds more potential than any traditional health insurance plan out there. WHAT IS IT? It’s the concept of adopting sound, healthy lifestyle measures into your daily life NOW to ensure your best health for the long run. Yes, it’s a fairly bold statement, yet I firmly believe that healthy lifestyle measures—that become second-nature to us so we do them regularly—are far and away the best insurance we can invest in for our health.

Questions in Your Head

What are healthy lifestyle measures? Which ones are most important for me? How on earth do I fit one more thing into my already over-booked schedule? What if I don’t like kale? Is HIIT spelled wrong? What if I can’t pronounce quinoa (keen-wah) and don’t know what it is? This is where Healthy Lifestyle Coaching can help by providing guidance, support, accountability and step-by-step, non-overwhelming ways to build effective healthy lifestyle measures (AKA healthy habits) into busy people’s daily routines.  And don’t feel bad, I called quinoa ‘kwin-o-ah’ for a while! 🙂

What Is Healthy Lifestyle Coaching?

Good question! With all of the various coaches ‘out there’, this deserves clarification. Healthy Lifestyle Coaching is a team approach to health care between the coach and client. This partnership empowers the client to take control of their health through personalized education and individualized support focusing on the client’s ‘big picture of health’ including specific health challenges or concerns. The overall goal: Regaining and maintaining the client’s best health.


What Do Healthy Lifestyle Coaches Do?

Healthy Lifestyle Coaches support their clients in making lasting lifestyle changes that improve their physical and mental well being. Addressing key health-related components like stress, sleep, exercise, daily eating habits, overall nutrition,  fluid intake, environmental toxins, current state of health, current medications and the mind-body connection are critical for long-term health. This type of coaching addresses the whole person, not just a chronic disease or specific health challenge. Clients are encouraged to keep their other health care professionals aware of their coaching work to promote collaboration toward the client’s goals.



This unique coaching style builds on the client’s health foundation, however strong or weak it may be. Clients learn how to take control of their thoughts, avoid self-sabotage, build effective health habits into their daily routine and achieve greater levels of confidence as they make changes and improvements from within. Coaching conversations lead the client to take action and create effective personal solutions. Disease prevention and sustainable behavior changes (healthy habits) are just a few of the major long term benefits. Typical Healthy Lifestyle Coaching programs offer 30-Day Jumpstart and 90-Day Intensive options.


Face-to Face or Over-the Phone Coaching?

You decide what’s best for you. Comparable results can be achieved with coaching over the phone or face-to-face. More clients prefer coaching over the phone–for many reasons including:

  • No drive time or parking hassles
  • Greater flexibility in scheduling sessions
  • Minimal distractions during sessions
  • Easier to focus and concentrate during sessions


Special Pinterest Board!

pinterestTransitioning to a ‘Whole Foods’ eating plan is one of the components of my Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program. Check out my Pinterest board I created for my clients (a work in progress!) to see just how amazing and delicious eating healthy can be!

Questions on Healthy Lifestyle Coaching?

Good health doesn’t just happen (darn it, anyway!) and figuring out what’s best for you, health-wise can be challenging. Contact me through my website or ask your questions below. I recently read the following: Insurance comes down to spending a little bit of money to hedge yourself against a disaster. Many healthy lifestyle measures are very inexpensive, making the concept even more appealing. Yes, I do believe that Building healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine is the best health insurance plan on the planet.

To Your Ever-Improving Health,

Sana Keller, PhD, RN, CNC

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