5 Ingredients for an Effective Detox (Not What You Would Expect!)

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January 8, 2015 by Dr. Sana Keller

The dawning of a New Year seems to be the perfect time for a Detox or Cleanse for many…yet what should a person expect from a Detox or Cleanse program…To lose 5 pounds?…The satisfaction of knowing that they ‘made it’ through a Detox/Cleanse program?…To think that their digestive system is functioning properly once again?  Detox-PIc

These ‘ingredients’ may not be what you were expecting, yet they provide the ‘big picture view’ of a Successful Detox/Cleanse. Read on…

Ingredient #1: Accurate Information

  • The terms Detox and Cleanse are often used interchangeably to describe a plan or program with specific dietary restrictions for a set period of time. These restrictions can range from avoiding specific food groups, like sugar, wheat, dairy and refined foods, to avoiding all foods except for very specific juices.
  • A Detox may make you visit the bathroom more frequently, yet it does not ‘scrub out’ your colon/intestines as some programs claim.
  • An effective Detox program allows your digestive system to use less energy since the recommended foods and beverages are minimally processed and fresh. This is helpful in allowing your digestive system get back to a better state of balance.


Ingredient #2: Healthy Mindset

  • A Cleanse or Detox program should not be considered a ‘quick fix’ to lose a few pounds or a way to make up for a few days, weeks or months of unhealthy eating.
  • A Detox can be very helpful in providing a fresh start or ‘jump start’ on your health journey.
  • An often ignored aspect of this process is taking control of the ‘voices in our head’ that tend to sabotage our efforts. This is key, since the mind-body connection plays a key role in our health.


Ingredient #3: Willingness to Change Habits

  • Long-term success is a result of becoming aware of specific habits that negatively impact our health (we all have at least a few!) and developing effective strategies to change them for the positive.
  • A habit cannot be eliminated–it must be replaced.
  • There is exciting, new information in the area of effective habit-change!


Ingredient #4: Long-Term Vision

  • A Detox can be a powerful way to reset your overall health focus and provide momentum to keep moving forward in your health journey.
  • Without a long-term vision, a detox will only provide short-term results.
  • A long-term vision supports a healthy mindset and helps us stay on track.


Ingredient #5: Lifestyle Detox

  • An effective Detox should be simple, easy-to-understand and gentle our body AND should address overall lifestyle–not just eating–since exercise, quality sleep and stress management are just as important to address.
  • An effective Detox helps develop confidence in maintaining your best health.
  • Benefits of an effective Detox include reduced sugar cravings, reduced inflammation, increased mental sharpness, and increased energy (to name a few).


I will soon be launching an all-new Ultimate Detox Jumpstart Program, a 28-Day Detox program of personal coaching. Stay tuned for details!

Here’s to your long-term health…

Sana Keller, PhD, RN, CNC           http://www.healthunlimited.biz


Photo credits: yogaandmassagecapecoral.com, iiiweb.net, pinterest.com, store-bargains.co.uk, imgarcade.com, wellnesshaven.com

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