What the Freekeh?

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October 27, 2014 by Dr. Sana Keller

Freekeh 1

Check out this Greenwheat Freekeh Salad that one of the local downtown Minot, ND eateries, Sweet and Flour Patisserie, has started including on their lunch menu. It tastes amazing–so fresh–and the wonderful nutritional benefits of Freekeh makes it just that much better! Their menu changes at times, (since they make everything FRESH!), so please don’t be upset with me if it happens to not be on the menu the day you show up. Trust me, I have sampled many of their made-from-scratch salads and soups and have enjoyed each of them—and I appreciate that they change up their menu and introduce us to ‘new foods’!

Back to Freekeh… Freekeh is considered a superfood, which is a food filled with powerful health benefits. Here are a few more examples of superfoods:superfoods-collageFreekeh is made from young wheat (usually durum) that is harvested while still green and put through a roasting and rubbing process during production. It has a smoky, nutty flavor and a firm, chewy texture similar to bulgur. It’s a healthy whole grain, much like bulgur wheat, quinoa, millet and buckwheat. I recommend organic Freekeh to avoid GMO issues. If you are unable to find it locally, search for organic Freekeh online. There are several options, including smaller 8 ounce packages. freekeh 2

One serving of freekeh (1/4 cup-raw) contains 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. Freekeh also contains plenty of zinc , which makes this a great option for vegetarians and vegans. It is also a great source of iron and calcium. It cooks in about 20 minutes and substitutes for rice, couscous, etc. It actually goes beyond substituting for those due to its great nutritional profile. It also provides a great protein source in soups and salads. It does contain gluten, so my apologies to all my gluten-free readers!

Still not convinced of the goodness of Greenwheat Freekeh? Check out these additional benefits:

  • Freekeh has a Low Glycemic Index  which is helpful in blood sugar management.
  • Freekeh is considered ‘Low Carb’ since the starch content is considered resistant starch.
  • Freekeh is a good source of Lutein and Zeaxanthin which support eye health.
  • Freekeh contains Prebiotics which are specialized plant fibers that nourish the good bacteria in the colon, supporting ‘gut’ health.


And…as I was cruising the web for Freekeh recipes, I came across this ‘Freekalicious’ site (no kidding!) filled with great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner…very cool!

Check it out–please let me know what you think!

To your continued optimal health–

Sana Keller, PhD, RN, CNC     Health Unlimited LLC       http://www.healthunlimited.biz

Photo credits: facebook.com/sweetandflourpatisserie, superfoodmix.com, motherearthnews.com, natkringoudis.com.au


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