3 Simple Steps To ‘Care’ For Your Liver

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August 4, 2014 by Dr. Sana Keller

liver 1Many of us tend not to give our livers much credit for our health. Yet, considering that the liver…

  • is the second largest organ in our body (our skin is the largest organ)
  • metabolizes most medications, including Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.
  • controls much of the detoxification that our bodies need to remain healthy or get healthy
  • plays a major role in digestion by producing bile, metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins and fats
  • helps maintain our immunity
  • stores certain nutrients
  • and more…

…doesn’t it make sense to take care of it? The chart below lists a few more of the Liver’s Vital Functions:

liver 2 new new




So how on earth does one ‘take care’ of their liver? So glad you asked! You’ll be glad to know that the options listed below are not painful, dangerous, time-consuming, or crazy-expensive. 🙂


->Fresh vegetables and fruit, especially those in the chart below. Set a goal to include at least one from this list daily ALONG WITH several additional servings of veggies and fruit.

liver 3-new


->Herbs and herbal supplements, specifically ones listed below. Milk thistle is sometimes referred to as silymarin, which is a component of milk thistle extract. Silymarin, Dandelion root and Reishi supplements can be found in Natural Health Supplement sections in larger grocery stores. Dandelion root tea is another great option. *NOTE: It is important to work with a knowledgeable health provider in developing the best supplement plan for you.  liver 4







->Lemon water first thing in the morning (Squeeze 1/2 of a lemon in 8 ounces warm water–NOT lemon juice concentrate). Many people have found this lemon water routine so effective at keeping them ‘regular’ and feeling good that it has earned the nickname of ‘Morning Elixir.’

liver 5











This is a great example of powerful preventive health management…simple steps to build into your daily routine for long-term benefits.

Contact me if you have questions—about appropriate herbal supplements—or disease-prevention concerns.

Sana Keller, MS, RN, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner   http://www.healthunlimited.biz


Photo credits: members.shenblossom.com, groupflorence.com, authenticselfwellness.com, herbalremediesadvice.org, amandamacintyre.com



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