The Language of Prevention: Your Personal ToolKit


January 14, 2014 by Dr. Sana Keller

flu seasonI  personally don’t believe that ‘flu season’ is a season—Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall are seasons. I also believe (and am living proof, along with many others!) that if we take basic care of ourselves on a regular basis, there is no need to ‘fear the flu season’. Yet, I also realize that ‘real life’ happens to all of us at times…sleepless nights, maybe several in a row…over-scheduled days that leave little or no time to eat anything that resembles ‘healthy’…forgetting to pick up Vitamin D at the local store for the past few months…it happens!

Retail stores and the internet provide a gazillion options for dealing with the flu and common cold–which can be a bit overwhelming! And the names of some of the products–seriously! Check out the names below…of some very effective, very safe options to preventing and treating the flu and common cold…’Echinacea-FluNada-Umcka-Oscillo—what?’ 

Because we are all human and all have craziness inserted into our lives at times (which can impact our immune system) I pulled together this mini toolkit– A Cold and Flu Toolkit of products that are SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and EASY TO KEEP ON HAND (even if they do have hard-to-pronounce names!).

cold toolkit

Obviously not every product is needed–and obviously this is not an exhaustive list of products. Choose what you think may work best for you (& your family)… especially when you’re on the run. Contact me if you have questions. Now is the time to stock up on your choices…not when you start noticing cold or flu symptoms…Chop, Chop!

FluNada is a homeopathic throat and nasal spray formulated to provide relief from cold and flu-like symptoms. Available in small spray—perfect for pocket or purse, especially when traveling.

Umcka ColdCare is a made from medicinal plant from South Africa. In clinical studies, it has been found to shorten the duration and reduces severity of throat, nasal and bronchial irritations. It also naturally relieves congestion, cough, headache, and hoarseness. umcka

Umcka Cold+Flu contains additional safe homeopathic ingredients that provide relief from flu symptoms. Both Umcka products are available in syrup, chewables & powder packets.

Echinacea Plus Tea (Traditional Medicinals) is an echinacea blend that if taken at the start of a cold, has been found to shorten duration and severity of symptoms. Check out this site for a clinical study proving the benefits of this tea:  echinacea

COLD-FX is a standardized extract of North American Ginseng developed to reduce frequency, severity, and duration of cold and flu symptoms. It isn’t quite the Holy Grail, but “COLD-FX” in a proper controlled double-blind trial reduced the frequency and severity of the common cold.” Dr. Joe Schwarcz Director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society.


Oscillococcinum has been shown in clinical trials to help reduce the severity and shorten the duration of flu-like symptoms  From the British Journal of Pharmacology (1989): In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, the recovery rate within 48 hours of treatment was significantly greater in the group that received the active drug than in the placebo group.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powerful antiviral and antibacterial action. Add a tablespoon to 8 ounces water and gargle with the first swallow then drink the rest (rinsing your mouth out afterwards).  Start at the first sign of illness and repeat hourly until symptoms disappear.

Oregano Oil is a natural germ fighter, promotes sinus and respiratory health, strengthens the immune system in addition to many other health benefits. Available in capsules and as essential oil (must be diluted).

Yes, there are SAFE and EFFECTIVE ways to maintain our health and minimize our chances of catching the flu or a cold. This is one small piece of the Healthy Lifestyle, where healthy eating, quality sleep, and adequate water intake provide the major foundation. Just keep adding those healthy lifestyle pieces in–you can do it!

Healthy Lifestyle

Sana Keller, MS, RN, CNC, MH, HHP

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One thought on “The Language of Prevention: Your Personal ToolKit

  1. Sana Keller says:

    Reblogged this on Health Unlimited and commented:

    The promotion of flu shots has already begun, thus the perfect time to re-post this as a reminder of a few of the SAFE, EFFECTIVE ways to greatly reduce your chances of developing the flu and colds–as well as manage the symptoms if you do. Flu shots are NOT the only option!


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