Great Expectations…What Are Yours?

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October 9, 2013 by Dr. Sana Keller

expect great things

What do you expect…on any given day? Do you…

–Expect to live a long, healthy life since you make healthy food choices most of the time, make exercise a regular part of your day, and get adequate sleep on a nightly basis…or assume that you’ll probably have a heart attack, high blood pressure, or other chronic diseases by your mid-50’s since several family members and friends have experienced the same?

–Expect to have a great day in spite of your crazy schedule since you review your day the evening before and cut a few extras out that will have to wait until a later time…or stress out once again, wondering how you’ll ever fit it all in–telling yourself ‘it’s gonna be a rough one today’?

–Expect to to give a great presentation, perform well on a test or in an interview, or lead an effective meeting since you have prepared appropriately in advance…or make it up as you go along, hoping no one will notice your lack of preparation?

–Expect to be treated well by co-workers, family, friends, and the general public since you treat them with respect, make eye contact, smile, and AVOID using your phone when in conversation with them…or once again complain about the rude clerks at the grocery store, unappreciative family members, uncaring coworkers, etc?

–Expect to have a productive day since you take a few minutes each morning to visualize your day as you would like it to be…or wake up to your blaring alarm, thinking ‘same old, same old—can’t wait for this day to be over’?

–Expect to stay healthy during the cold and flu season since you take safe, preventive health measures to keep your immune system strong…or just wait to be ‘hit’ by the flu bug or cold bug since you’ve heard ‘it’s going around’?

Notice the underlying theme among the above examples–A theme of being in control of yourself, your thoughts, your surroundings, and your time in the first part of each sentence…as opposed to just ‘going through the motions’ to get through each day (as if someone else was in control!) as the italicized portion portrays?  the thinker

Also notice the absence of worry with the intentional planning and the setting of great expectations–an added bonus!

Join me in expecting the best—the best in others, the best in ourselves, the best in situations we find ourselves in, the best in our family members, the best in ___________ (you fill in the blank)–as we give new meaning to…Great Expectations…YOUR Great Expectations—for your life, your health, your family, and all those you love.

expect great things 1

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