Fruits and Vegetables: True or False?


September 26, 2013 by Dr. Sana Keller

I know the following True/False questions are a bit elementary, but humor me and quickly answer…I’m assuming you’ll do quite well…True and false question with a checkmark

True or False…Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good for our health.

True or False…A placebo controlled, randomized, double-blind study is needed to verify the specific nutrition value of a food item (i.e. specific fruit or vegetable) before a person should consider eating that specific food item for health benefits.

True or False…Obtaining a prescription from a medical provider for eating fresh vegetables and fruit is a good idea, just to be safe.


Why the questions? GreenMedInfo’s Sayer Ji explains it well in his quote below:

“Have we really come to the point where the commonsense consumption of fruits and vegetables in the prevention of disease can so matter-of-factly be called into question? Do we really need randomized, double-blind and placebo controlled clinical trials to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our bodies can benefit from the phytonutrients and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables in the prevention of cancer?

Fortunately there are thousands of scientific studies extant today on the therapeutic value of foods, herbs and spices in (most aspects of) health, many of which can be found on the government’s own biomedical database known as MEDLINE.  Decades of research have confirmed the veracity of the Hippocratic phrase: “Let food be thy medicine,” and until a prescription is required to obtain and consume organic food, we can still draw from a vast cornucopia of natural substances whose safety and efficacy that put the conventional pharmacopeia to shame.”

Healthy eating is a critical piece in the complex puzzle of regaining (for some) and maintaining our best health…’Positive Health.’ It saddens me to think that prescriptions are now being written for something that is so simple…so easy to understand…and so NOT NEEDING a prescription! Let’s keep this extremely basic concept front and center where it should be–in our own hands. This is one of the best ways to BUILD CANCER PREVENTION and other DISEASE PREVENTION into our daily lives—and we all have the opportunity to do so since we (for the most part!) make our own eating choices. Let’s choose well…

Sana Keller, MS, RN, CNC, MH, HHP      Health Unlimited LLC


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