Disease Detectors—No Batteries Needed!


June 4, 2013 by Dr. Sana Keller

smoke detectorYou know the feeling…being so tired and ready for bed after a long, busy day…looking forward to falling into bed for a great night’s sleep…the end to a great day, right?

Now imagine a most annoying sound…the chirping/beeping noise of a smoke detector in need of a new battery! That chirp/beep noise broke the quietness of my evening a while back–just as I was getting ready for bed. My husband was out of town when it happened (how does that work?), so I hauled the ladder in from the garage and figured out which smoke alarm it was, which wasn’t hard—I just followed the annoying chirp/beep to where it was the most deafening. I was proud of myself for having extra 9 volt batteries on hand (from the last time this happened in the middle of the night), so I put one in my pocket & climbed up the ladder. OK, now…while balancing on the ladder…try to unscrew the smoke detector unit from the ceiling overhead, pull the battery out…all while balancing…Hmmm…easier said than done…I finally wrestled the battery out, snapped the new one into place, climbed down the ladder, and headed for bed—only to hear the annoying chirp…AGAIN!

Long story short, after multiple trips up & down the ladder (I lost count)…taking the battery out, reinserting the battery, trying a different battery (as if that would help), hanging on to the ladder while I waited to see if I had correctly inserted the battery, only to hear it chirp/beep again—there was no more chirping/beeping! I admit I resorted to Googling in my frustration…using the key words of ‘smoke detector chirping‘, only to find that millions of others had dealt with similar challenges, all seeming to take place during the night. One gal had posted a question on the website, wondering why ‘they’ couldn’t make the alarms (chirp/beep noise) go off during the day instead of night-time. That would be convenient, wouldn’t it? (I’m thinking she was blonde–but then so am I!) All I really wanted to do was fall into bed and go to sleep, but the chirp/beep was something not to be ignored—and no, the chirping/beeping wouldn’t stop just by taking the battery out—the problem had to be taken care of.

Now imagine…an annoying chirp/beep noise that went off whenever our bodies started developing a health challenge or disease…with the annoying noise continuing until we corrected the problem. A ‘Disease Detector’ of sorts…what a concept!

Most disease processes take several years before symptoms start to manifest –and by then it’s often a huge challenge to regain total health. A person doesn’t just ‘catch’ heart disease one day…or high blood pressure…or diabetes…or cancer (to name a few of the ‘biggies’). Imagine: A body alarm that wouldn’t stop making noise until we addressed the health problem by making simple lifestyle changes. Things would look a bit different, wouldn’t they? We’d be looking at a lot more healthier people!

Since we don’t have such an alarm system, it is up to each of us to build prevention into our lives and the lives of our families.  We know that good health doesn’t just happen. We also know that  being proactive can make a huge (positive) difference in keeping those alarms from sounding. It’s called Taking Ownership of our Health, being our own Disease Detectors, instead of waiting for ‘something bad’ to happen. I know I can avoid the annoying late night/middle of the night chirping/beeping of the smoke detectors with the simple preventive maintenance of changing the batteries regularly (which we’re now doing). Isn’t it time for each of us to make sure our ‘Positive Health Maintenance Plan’ is in place for ourselves and our families to minimize our disease risk?

That’s what I do—I help others build simple, effective lifestyle habits into their daily lives that have positive, long-term health benefits…whether you’re ‘fairly healthy’, ‘not feeling so hot’, recovering from a major illness such as cancer, heart disease, or diabetes…or just wanting to take effective actions to maintain your health. Click here to learn more: http://www.healthunlimited.biz

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