Eat Better ‘Food Bytes’ The BEST Spice of All


May 8, 2013 by Dr. Sana Keller

turmericName a spice that has been found to…block an enzyme that promotes the growth of cancer, be a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, a natural liver detoxifier, a natural painkiller, shorten wound healing time, boost the effects of certain chemo drugs while reducing side effects, and work as a natural antiseptic/antibacterial agent (among other things—the list is long!). Give up? It’s Turmeric—that bright yellow powder (made from the yellow turmeric root).

Turmeric is easy to incorporate into our diet–try mixing into egg salad, vegetable soups, rice dishes, couscous, pilafs, obviously curry dishes—and Google ‘turmeric recipes’ for more recipes than you’ll ever need! As a rule, turmeric blends very well with curry, cumin & citrus.

Turmeric also available in supplement form. If taken in this manner, it seems to be best absorbed when taken during a meal that has healthy fats (French fries not included!) Absorption is also improved with the addition of Piperine (a compound found in black pepper). Typical dosage is 1000-2000 mg a day in divided doses.

Those with gallstones or bile duct obstruction should avoid turmeric since it stimulates the flow of bile. Those on blood thinners should check with their health provider before using.

It is quite yellow…and will make your clothes…quite yellow, speaking from experience…so use a bit of care and all will be well.

Enjoy the many health blessings and wonderful flavor of turmeric!turmeric-egg

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2 thoughts on “Eat Better ‘Food Bytes’ The BEST Spice of All

  1. matxa says:

    Good info. Lucky me I came across your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved it for later!


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