Eat Better ‘Food Bytes’ All Salt is NOT Evil

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April 12, 2013 by Dr. Sana Keller

nosaltEAT BETTER—It doesn’t have to be about eating less…and it doesn’t have to be about eating weird foods (rutabagas, anyone?) Eating BETTER is a choice that each of us has every day…AND every time we eat. I will be sharing ‘food-bytes’ with you on a regular basis to hopefully serve as quick reminders that we can all make choices to ‘Eat BETTER’ and as a result, positively impact our health, no matter what our level of health may be.

As I was paging through a food magazine (which is kind of like therapy for me, in a good way), I was disappointed once again to see an article about the evils of salt. Don’t get me wrong…there are major health challenges that can result from high intake of conventional table salt, but all sources of salt are NOT the same.

The fine, processed table salt that is found in most salt shakers is cleaned chemically (in other words, processed), which removes the trace minerals, making it appear as a foreign substance to our bodies. This is the type of salt found in virtually all processed foods, so YES, it is important to minimize our intake of processed foods (examples: foods in cans, bags, boxes, sacks, wrappers, ready to ‘heat & eat’).

Unrefined salt, or sea salt, is pure, without chemicals or preservatives. Natural, unrefined sea salt contains many essential trace minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc.) that our bodies need to function well. These minerals are critically important in maintaining heart health and blood pressure, balancing blood sugar, promoting a healthy acid-alkaline balance, strengthening bones, maintaining energy levels and more.

Examples of unrefined salt include Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan, Maldon, Hawaiian, and Real Salt. The ‘real stuff’ is typically grayish/pinkish and a little moist.

How about the iodine that is added to conventional table salt? You can maintain healthy iodine levels in the foods you eat such as a baked potatoes (skin on), turkey breast, navy beans, yogurt, eggs, strawberries shrimp, cow’s milk, fish…and, of course, dried seaweed. J A good quality multivitamin usually contains iodine as well.

Food Byte Simple Choices: MINIMIZE processed foods and SWITCH to a natural unrefined SEA SALT and use in moderation (with your non-processed foods)!sea-salt

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