Why I Do What I Do

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February 21, 2013 by Dr. Sana Keller


Why am I an Integrative Health Consultant? Because it just makes so much sense to provide sound, safe (& usually inexpensive) health recommendations to those who are searching—especially in today’s world of fast-paced living with less-than-wonderful food options bombarding us from every angle, the ‘quick-fix’ mindset where we have come to expect instant relief of symptoms, and the dizzying array of rows and rows of natural health options which can be confusing even to those of us majoring in natural health care.

Let’s say you have a splitting headache…or your lower back is killing you…or you’re dealing with major heartburn yet again. Typical responses to such daily challenges may include taking an over-the-counter product or a medication prescribed by a health care provider. These options may provide relief—at least temporarily (a quick fix)—yet, if that health challenge comes back within a short time, as they often do, are these short-term fixes the only options available? How about potential side effects with the use of medications over a period of time? Then the big question: “Why don’t I feel that good (with great energy throughout the day, a clear head, & a body that works well) when my lab reports and physical exams don’t show any major problems?

The terms ‘Integrative Health’ and ‘Integrative Medicine’ are used interchangeably. Integrative Health/Medicine promotes a culture of true wellness by encouraging a positive partnership between the client/patient and the health care provider that supports individualized care. The focus is on the whole person and their lifestyle, not just ‘the gall bladder’…’the diabetic’…or ‘the breast cancer’. Integrative Health/Medicine integrates or blends the best of solid, Western scientific medicine with evidence-based, global health practices with the ultimate goal of determining the safest, most effective treatments from all medical systems for the individual client/patient. It neither rejects conventional (traditional) medicine nor accepts alternative (complementary) therapies uncritically.

Those who could benefit from my services include anyone with ongoing health challenges that just don’t seem to be resolving, cancer survivors, cancer patients with questions about incorporating Integrative options into their care, as well as anyone just wanting a ‘tune-up’ to find out if they’re on a solid wellness track for long term health.

It is incredibly rewarding to see the positive health changes that result from clients taking true ownership of their health, partnering together with appropriate health care providers, and developing the best health maintenance plan for the long term (avoiding the ‘quick fix’ ups and downs).  It just makes so much sense to provide sound, safe (& usually inexpensive) health recommendations to those who are searching…that’s why I do what I do.

Please contact me by commenting below or go to my website: http://www.healthunlimited.biz if you would like further information.

Thank you for making true health a high priority!

Sana Keller, MS, RN, CNC, MH, HHP


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