Excuse me, we’re conducting a poll…


January 11, 2013 by Dr. Sana Keller


Imagine being stopped by your local TV station crew as you’re walking downtown. They ask you to participate in their poll by answering the question, “What is the biggest challenge for you in getting healthy (or staying healthy) in 2013?”

What would you say? What is the biggest obstacle or challenge that comes to mind…Not enough time to work out? Not enough sleep? Too much stress? Not eating in a healthy way?…

Take a minute to think about this obstacle or challenge and answer this: What is ONE thing you could do, starting today, that could start making a positive change in this area of your life? Just one thing…like checking your calendar and coming up with a solid plan to fit 30 minutes of exercise in 3 days a week, or checking your calendar to see how your day may be organized a bit differently to allow for at least 7 (8 is better!) hours of sleep each night…I think you get the idea.

How about writing this idea on a few sticky notes and placing them in strategic places as friendly reminders of how you’re making positive changes in your health? Programmed reminders on cell phones are great as well.

Just a simple way for us to make 2013 a year of better health, more energy, and greater satisfaction with life.

My ONE thing: Turn off technology at least 30 minutes before planning to go to bed to read/de-stress/clear my mind. I’d love to hear your ONE thing–Please share! Leave a message as well if you would like assistance in deciding on your ONE thing—that has the potential to positively impact your health for years to come.

To a Healthier You in 2013—Cheers!


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One thought on “Excuse me, we’re conducting a poll…

  1. I’d start and finish my day by using all of the products we have from the Nikken Corporation, that make up our “Wellness Home”…..a “Safe Haven” for our family to live in.


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